Sunday, 22 January 2012


Okay so i have got 2 days left of SS,
Here is a mega sale oh and check out my bazaar too for many hotbuys at good prices and many other fabulous outfits!<3
Buy a wig/plait/fringe and get a free eyedesign/earrings xx you choose <3
(And yes it is my piano and my hand and my plastic flowers in the bg) lolzzz<3

Sorry guys....

My computer is broken at the moment and here on my dads laptop, i dont have any editors.... (woo -.-)
And our computer engineer live 100 miles away so we have to wait until he is closer to home xx Please keep reading as usual though!<3
Love ~Candy~

dress up



Monday, 9 January 2012

New banner alert!!

Brand new just finished :)xx

Hands went wrong and i ended up using paint to draw the shoes on due to my computer problems but here it is!! Enjoy :)xx <3<3 ~Candy~

Happy new year!!

Sorry its a little late but best wishes from us both to you all for a fabulous year ahead!!<3<3
~Candy and Chelsea~

Hot buy on offer!!

Hey guys, today i noticed that in the sale, there was the "Hot hot buys scarf" (in pink) at just 4sds <3 Thats right, a hotbuy for 4 stardollars!<3 

Friday, 6 January 2012

Todays Spoilers!

It says ghandoora94.blogspot because i posted it on there! xD
VERY little! What u think?? xD

Woo Graphic timeeee :)

New graphic <3 ~Candy~
Updated my editor so a little rough around the edges (literally) xx

Im back!:)

So, I'm back anyways but i suppose nobody really knew i was gone, my computer crashed then i went on holiday so i didnt get to post that i would be back today :3 Anyways, its all fixed for now but knowing my computer it'll probably fail again someday (I sure hope i didn't jinx that)
Eh well <3